1.Start up: Press the ON/OFF button to start up.
2.Zero calibration: Put the instrument on the smooth surface, press the measuring head downward until can’t down; meanwhile press the zero setting and the screen will be displayed to 0.00. If not displayed to 0.00, the up steps can be tried several times until
the screen appears to 0.00MM and the value is adjusted to 0.00MM.
3.Test: The screen appears 0.00MM, which means the zero calibration is succeed. Put the measuring head on the marking line and then press down the measuring head until can’t be pressed down; the value displayed on the screen is the thickness of the marking line.

Measuring range

-12.5mm ~ 12.5mm



Measurement area

50x80mm minimum


180x70x76mm (L × W × H)



Instrument material

Anodized aluminum with red paint on the surface

Standard configuration

Digital thickness gauge 1
Manufacturing certificate 1
Operating instructions 1
Carrying case 1

Product: Road Marking Thickness Gauge

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