1.The maximum load of the system is 10kN (STC-1F) or 5kN (STC-1MF)

2.The loading time is about 1s

3. The system can continuously apply 0-3200kPa pressure, while meeting the test requirements of lowmedium and high pressure (0-800, 800-1600, 1600-3200kPa), and the accuracy of each level is: 0.5kPa

4. lmported high-precision servo control components are adopted, the air flow per minute is greater than1500L, the response time of individual air pressure loading is less than 1s, and the ordinary air compressorprovides the pressure air source

5.Displacement sensor: rangez10mm, resolutionS1um; accuracys0.1%

6. The system has a friendly man-machine interface, easy operation, automatic data storage and processing. and provides professional software for automatic collection and processing of geotechnical tests.

Product: Fully Automatic Consolidometer Consolidation Machine of Soil

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