Product features


  • Newly upgraded wireless cloud transmission function;

  • With stable performance and powerful functions, it is the best choice for users with diverse needs such as engineering inspection, teaching and scientific research;

  • It integrates five functions of pile, strength measurement, defect measurement, sounding and width measurement.

  • Full touch screen operation, simple, convenient, stable and reliable;

  • Multichannel automatic acquisition, automatic recording of high harmony time waveform;

  • The deep recording wheel adopts dustproof and waterproof design.

  • Large memory capacity, working time up to 10 hours or more

  • It can directly connect the digital rebound probe to the ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method for measuring strength;

  • U disk dump data, support software upgrade through U disk;

  • The special analysis software has powerful functions, data analysis and processing, report generation and report printing can be easily completed.

  • The transducer spool is designed with a current collecting ring, and the signal cable is retractable to prevent the cable from being twisted.

Display mode

10.1 inch, high brightness, TFT color LCD capacitive screen

Storage mode

Built-in electronic hard disk (≥8GB) + large capacity U disk

Scanning speed≥20 cycles/sec
Trigger method

4 channels

Sampling interval

0.05-409.6 Multistage Options

Transmit voltage

65,250,500,1000Four gears adjustable

Dynamic range146
Gain accuracy0.5dB
Transmit pulse width0.05~409.6 continuously adjustable

Product: Crosshole Sonic Logging System

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